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PEARL SNAP CANNING COMPANY LLC. has been working to perfect a recipe for salsa that would break the World Record. As the first seed went into the ground on the farm years back the goal was to grow some of the world's hottest peppers and in turn create some of the world's hottest salsas. As the peppers ripened and were picked we knew we had something in hand that could challenge the current record holder. It took a little time but we are confident that the sample we have submitted to the labratory will in fact become the new champion. We hope that "ATOMIC 12" as we call it will impress even the hottest salsa lovers and pepper connoisseurs alike. We will continue to push the limits of the Scoville Units Scale and release even more heated products. So stay tuned and be prepared for some excellent pepper products.  


NEWS ON 6 - Rick Wells

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